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Our facility has the adequate equipment to restore strength, range of motion, and improve functional performance of musculoskeletal conditions affecting trauma victims.


Therapeutic Modalities and Physical Rehabilitation

Therapeutic modalities and physical rehabilitation provided immediately after sustaining an injury or surgery enhance the body’s healing process, allowing for maximum recovery. 

Therapeutic modalities decrease inflammation, decrease pain, decrease muscle spasm, promote healing of soft tissues, and enhance circulation.  Physical Rehabilitation is designed to increase range of motion, muscle strength, endurance, coordination, balance, cardiovascular conditioning, and functional performance.

It is essential for the professional team in charge of the patient’s rehabilitative care to monitor the patient’s condition throughout the rehabilitation process.  Effective physical rehabilitation comes with the understanding that using an inappropriate modality or active protocol during the wrong phase of healing can be detrimental to a patient’s condition.

If you have been injured, come in today for a comprehensive evaluation, and our doctors will diagnose your condition and provide a comprehensive, goal-oriented treatment plan to maximize your recovery.


Phases of Healing

  • Acute Inflammatory Phase – starts immediately after the injury and lasts for about 72 hours.  The body’s inflammatory response causes pain, swelling, redness, and warmth around the injured area.
  • Repair Phase – starts when the inflammation subsides and the body begins to repair the injured area by laying down collagen. This phase can last from 72 hours to six weeks after the injury.
  • Remodeling Phase – the body then molds the collagen from the repair phase along lines of stress so it can function the same way as the tissue it replaces.  This phase lasts from three weeks to 12 months, and in some cases even longer.

At Patient Care Injury Clinic the majority of our 4,500 square foot facility is dedicated to the active rehabilitation phase of care. We realize that the fastest way to full recovery and restoration of function is through an effective exercise protocol during the remodeling phase of healing.

Our facility is equipped with adequate exercise equipment allowing our professionals to maximize their potential by customizing treatment protocols for each patient depending on their condition and tolerability.

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