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Our goal is to restore functional performance and pain free living.

Our goal is to restore functional performance and pain free living

Under the medical care of Dr. Rossel, your condition will be evaluated by a physician that is highly skilled, trained, and with 30 years of experience.  Besides the scope of Internal Medicine, Dr. Rossel has vast experience in the evaluation and treatment of injuries as a result of an occupational injury, accidental trauma, or any other condition affecting the musculoskeletal system.

The medical team in charge of your care understands that the most effective treatment for injuries of the bone, joints, ligaments, muscle, tendons, and nerves is the combination of medical intervention in conjunction with an effective physical rehabilitation protocol.  At Patient Care Injury Clinic, patients have the convenience of being evaluated by an experienced medical doctor and have a physical rehabilitation protocol individualized for your condition on the same visit.

Stop living in pain, and letting your condition affect your on job performance as well as your activities of daily living.  Give us a call or simply stop by our facility as appointments are optional and NOT necessary.

Chronic Pain Syndrome

Pain is your body’s normal reaction to trauma, injury, or illness.  Sometimes pain can linger beyond 6 months which is known as Chronic Pain.  About 25% of people with chronic pain will suffer a condition known as Chronic Pain Syndrome which is pain accompanied by any of the following: depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, fatigue, loss of sexual desire, irritability, or disability.

At Patient Care Injury Clinic, our TEAM is prepared to treat your Chronic Pain Syndrome by a multidisciplinary approach consisting of medication management, physical rehabilitation (passive modalities, exercise protocol, and chiropractic care), and psychotherapy (individual or group counseling, relaxation techniques).  For more complex or severe cases, our team has the ability to make an immediate referral to a board certified pain management physicians to treat your condition beyond conservative care.

Our professional staff is highly skilled in the treatment of Chronic Pain.  Evident by the fact that we are ONE of TWO facilities CARF accredited for the treatment of chronic pain management on workers’ compensation patients in the Houston area.  The CARF accreditation is for an “Interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Programs – Outpatient. The CARF accreditation is for an Interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Program (aka Chronic Pain Management Program).  See CARF.org.”


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